Few words about making our HS sustainable

Ladies and Gentelmen, it’s walid talking.

Happily i found again a Hacker/Maker space to enjoy my time, and luckily this time was you. the people who are seeing freedom is the first step forward, and the Anarchism isn’t equal to vandalism but it’s the BIG SIGN to remind ourselves and the community that we are betting on ourselves to not just survive but to create, inspire and giving the leadership to the common good only and only the common good. but i found out that we’re applausing for Anarchism but from the other side. so here we’re and i’m throwing my spells of hope to show how really we can prove, to ourselves first, that we can, all of us, move forward through this hacker space to the point where we’re a free makers who really can contribute to their surroundings with the common good in mind, and most important we’re able to sustain our ideas.

First spell of sustanity is resources, and first resource should be acquired is the one which is generic enough, and nothing generic more than money. and as far as i know, the HS is depeding mainly on membership fees beside grants. but both of them aren’t what meant to sustain a real maker space. but there’s a way to raise money for our community, and it’s simple enough to say we’ll just behave like real makers who makes real simpe products, we’re makers who want to get having fun and give the people something to benefit. so we need to tell our story and let the people know we’re ineed of money to continue having fun by making them benefits, so we don’t need to talk with the crowd about 3D printing but we can give them epic 3D-printed superhero prosthetic hands and arms, we don’t need to tell them how dangerous to let Apple.inc to control our products, they’ll not listen, but we can safe them some space of freedom and some money for us by providing HyperDrive USB-C Hub for MacBook, and we can’t tell the people about how much exposing they fall in by using smart watches, because they’ll want what’s new and smart, but we can give them what they want in smart, elegant and safe way by supporting opensource smartwatch and the list is getting longer. and that’s what we call the power of people.

All what we want is a bigger space to allow more people to have fun, and better utility to let the individuals creativity see the light. and all what i’m asking is to not think about how complex is this, because if it was easy, it’d be done alreay by someone else, but because we’re not sure what this someone has in mind, we’re here to show the other how much better they can do but that’s ain’t happening without OUR willings, because we’re an Anarchy community.


Heh, if it came to prosthetics, I’d prefer one with exchangeable tips, e.g. a battery-powered adjustable wrench
And I KNOW we COULD do that kind of thing :slight_smile:

@walid What did you mean about HyperDrive, though? I’m pretty sure that needs some licenses (HDMI, at least) to manufacture
Or did you mean that as an example of a good product we could help people choose?

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Hi @mamert , i use it as an example about good product we could help people to choose yes, i’m not sure about licenses, but technically speaking this drive is consisting of the hardware part which is the main part and software ( device driver ).

I really like the idea of making our hackerspace sustainable in the economic sense.
I can imagine that we could collectively develop simple projects that could provide multiple passive income streams for the hackerspace to pay the rent of the bigger space and even to start “hacker in residence” program to invite guests from different hacker communities.
I have some ideas on the projects we could possibly do together and the common theme is that in the result we get a passive income stream for HSP.
I’m going to raise this topic tomorrow at our SPORG.